The Eaves Drop was founded in 2020 by Dr. John Eaves, the former Chairman of Fulton County Government in Atlanta, Georgia, former Congressional Candidate for the 7th District of Georgia, and current Adjunct Instructor of Political Science at Spelman College.

Dr. John Eaves has a unique perspective in the discourse of the United States political arena.  He is a 3rd generation Black Jew.  The intersectionality of his African and Jewish heritage has made him sensitive to such issues as social justice, racism, antisemitism, poor education, mass incarceration, and equity.  One of his political mentors was Reginald Eaves, the first Black Chief of Police in Atlanta, Georgia.  Dr. Eaves is also the product of solid educational training.  He earned a BA at Morehouse College, a MA at Yale University, and a PhD from the University of South Carolina.

The Eaves Drop is a series of progressive public policy ideas that can be implemented at the local, state, and federal government that are designed to ensure a more fair and equitable society for all Americans, especially peoples of African descent, who are citizens of the United States.  Some of the compelling public policy ideas include: Reparations, Universal Voting, Medicare for All, Tuition Free Higher Education, Abolitionist Movement, and Reimagining Law Enforcement.